2022 Recap | What happened in the Ninja Squad dojo this year?

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5 min readDec 26, 2022

This year a lot happened in the dojo. It’s hard to believe how fast time flies! At the beginning of this year, we had a lot of ideas, and boy did those ideas grow over time!

The Ninjas have learned a lot and worked hard towards their goals. Let’s recap what happened here in Ninja Squad! ⤵️🥷🏻

🥷🏻 We shared a Discord sneak peek for the whole Ninja Alpha experience. Once you have your Ninja NFT, you’ll access to a dozen channel and perk within the Discord. Here’s the video in case you missed it:

🥷🏻 We started working on our new news platform Ninja News. 🗞️ We’re working to establish the fastest news platform for the altcoin space.

The dashboard will be divided into 3 columns:

  • Breaking news: Users can trade with the instant news
  • Market News: Blog/short-form content on NFTs and crypto space.
  • Editor news: Educational content about the crypto and NFT market.

🥷🏻 We are also started to working on Ninja Tools (our comprehensive trader tool for both NFTs and crypto). You’ll trade with ease, and do not have to worry about losing time or work of construction of charts. We’ve been investing our time into making this new tool extremely useful to all NFT traders.

🥷🏻 We created a weekly newsletter for all of the NFT, and crypto lovers. We recently published 20th issue! :-)

Read all issues here.

🥷🏻 We’re about to launch our Ninja Education Series: an innovative education hub for web3 lovers. You’ll find countless hours of content about crypto and NFT from our experts. There will be 20+ hours long content on trading, crypto basics,NFTs, DeFi, and more.

🥷🏻 Completed countless team meetings! We enjoy get in touch with each other once a week and talk about our tasks, projects, goals, and life in general. Completing each meeting with a ninjaok! :-)

🥷🏻 2/25/22: We partnered up with Crypto Gang Clash for an amazing Ninja hunt! Players were in the Brooklyn Smart City, collecting clues to find Ninja 2990.

🥷🏻 2/28/22: Our second collection, Ninja mfers, were minted via only $NST and SOLD OUT at the same day!

Read all about our mfers here.

🥷🏻 3/7/22: We collabrated with Cyball and provided perks for our holders to play the Cyball game!

🥷🏻 3/9/22: We partnered up with KuCoin!

🥷🏻 3/20/22: Our ad is featured on The Times of London! British web3 lovers saw Ninjas when they woke up and drank their morning coffees. 🥳

🥷🏻 3/22/22: We partnered up with OVR! Ninjas were on a hunting spree for kunai in their cities and collect them to win the great prize.😮‍💨

🥷🏻 4/1/22: We created our legendary Ninja head icon on reddit’s r/place, and it was a blast!

🥷🏻 4/10/22: We donated our 10% of minting profits to repair and renovate a school in Ankara, Turkey. It was an amazing experience for us since we made it to their opening, and witness the change that we made to the school, the teachers, and the students lives!✨🥳

Check out the below video to see the renovation results:

🥷🏻 6/12: We sponsored a Kite Surf school in Urla, Turkey for this summer! 🌞 Deep-alphas got FREE surf lessons, alphas can get 30% discount w/ $NST, and if people had both Ninja Squad + Ninja Mfer NFT, they got additional discount.

🥷🏻 6/15/12: We initiated staking! Since June, ninja holders are staking their ninjas and collect $NSTs!!

🥷🏻 8/22: NFT NYC

We were at NFT.NYC this summer and it was an unforgettable experience! Met so many amazing people, holders, and web3 enthusiasts. Showed our Ninja power to the world!

Ninja Happy Hour! We met with our holders and fellow NFT lovers in NYC, at a rooftop event.

🥷🏻 8/13/22: We had our first SmashKarts tournament in Discord! It was so fun and exciting.

🥷🏻 9/15/22: The launch of our fashion brand, NFD. NFD started with our own branded merchandise (Ninja Squad Genesis), and later we will collaborate with other brands.

Shoppers can use $NST for discounts, crypto and fiat. We provided a special discount option via our utility token, $NST to our holders. (up to 40% off via burning NST)

9/19/22: Created a whole new website! Lots of new products, new designs, and a new branding!

🥷🏻 9/29/22: Partnered up with PrimeXBT! We conducted a trading contest for our community with them in the middle of the bear market.

🥷🏻 10/13/22: Ninja as an LLC! Since October, we’re an LLC company that has long-term goals and projects to improve our brand, better educate our community, and become a global trading community.

🥷🏻 10/31/22: We celebrated Halloween! Created special traits for the occasion, ate some pumpkin pies, and enjoyed our day together with fellow ninjas and family.

🥷🏻 11/19/22: Our first year anniversary! Our genesis collection was minted on 11/19/21, and our journey was started. Since then, we created countless products, offers, held dozens of meetings, meetups, events, and become a family of 3.500 people.🫶🏻

🥷🏻 Our 12 month-long journey in a single video under 1 min!

Watch it here:

🥷🏻 12/16/22: New drop on NFD! Our new hoodie from our new collection BearSzn went on sale. It was designed for everyone that who has had their share of bear season…

Check it out here.

Celebrating 2023 with our family! Thank you for being here with us for a whole year! We have seen the bear, the bull and everything in between. We laughed and cried together. We had fun, got bored as hell, discovered new places, made new friends and eventually stuck together like a Ninja fam. And we wouldn’t be where we are today without you.

See you next year! Take care.

— Ninja Team



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