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2 min readDec 5, 2022

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This week’s agenda includes the following ⤵️

  • Stripe’s new product for web3
  • Apple wants 30% from the gas fees of Coinbase
  • Frank from Y00ts and DeGods doxxed himself
  • MagicEden will keep protecting royalties

Stripe’s new product for web3

Stripe will launch a new tool that will make it simpler to store cryptocurrencies without joining a cryptocurrency exchange. With the use of the firm’s new fiat-to-crypto widget, consumers of any crypto product can input their credit card details to buy crypto that they can use in another web3 product.

You can also use Stripe on MagicEden:

Apple wants 30% from the gas fees of Coinbase

Apple is demanding a 30% cut of the gas expenses for mobile transactions, according to Coinbase Wallet, which means iOS users may no longer send NFTs to one another.

However, as Coinbase also mentions in the below tweet, this is basically not possible. They said “we couldn’t comply even if we tried.” since Apple’s In-App Purchase system doesn’t support crypto.

Frank from Y00ts and DeGods doxxed himself

DeGods is an NFT project on Solana that minted on October 8th of 2021. The founder of the project, Frank doxxed herself as Rohun Vora.

Rohun Vora attended UCLA for two years, dropped out to pursue a fellowship at Y-Combinator, briefly studied engineering with General Assembly, and then went on to work at MainStreet.

Here’s the video:

MagicEden will keep protecting royalties

Creators will be able to control marketplaces based on whether they uphold royalties. They will be able to prevent marketplaces from trading if they don’t respect royalties.

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