Ninja Squad X Ledger Partnership 🥳

We, the Ninja Squad, are excited to announce our partnership with Ledger, with the aim of strengthening the Web3 community.

Ninja Squad
2 min readMar 23, 2023

Ledger and Ninja Squad are teaming up to conquer the world of Web3 with our unstoppable collaboration!

Ledger is working to create a limited number of cold wallets that are customized specifically for us, the coolest squad in town — Ninja Squad! These wallets are going to be so sleek and stylish, they’ll make all the other crypto wallets jealous.

We’re also going to be targeting the Web3 community with our ninja-like skills in education and innovation.Our focus will be on publishing content related to asset protection, security, and hardware wallet usage in Web3.

As a team, we already offer a variety of courses at the Ninja Academy, including NFT, crypto, fundamental and technical analysis, and price action. With this partnership, we will be adding a detailed section on asset security and protection to our education.

We believe that these courses are crucial for everyone who holds crypto and NFT assets. That’s why we’re offering these educational contents for free to our NFT holders, while they will be available for a fee to those who do not own NFTs.

Our goal is to make sure that everyone who holds crypto and NFT assets can benefit from our expertise, regardless of their affiliation with our community.

Aside from these educational contents, we will also be publishing other content types such as Ledger product descriptions, partnership-related developments, and more. All of these contents will be accessible through our media channels.

To celebrate this partnership, we’ve launched a new giveaway on Twitter. We will be giving away 1 Ledger Nano S Plus and 2 Ninja Squad NFTs to lucky winners.

We hope that our partnership with Ledger and the educational contents we provide will help make the Web3 community a safer and more secure place for everyone.


— Ninja Team



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